7 unique ideas for a funeral

May 23, 2022 

When we remember a person that has passed away, we should be focusing on the unique joy that they brought into our lives. Sometimes when we come together to remember them at their funeral, we can let personality get a little overshadowed by ceremony and tradition. 

There are lots of ways to add some personal touches to a funeral, while still being respectful. Here’s seven ideas that may inspire you – for your loved ones funeral or if you’re planning ahead for your own funeral in the future.

Pick a theme 

Picking a theme for a funeral can help people feel close to the person who has passed by celebrating something they were passionate about. It could be anything – sports themed, a place filled with flowers, superheroes or even Halloween themed. 

Whatever is chosen, make sure that it reflects the person who has passed. When people walk into the place of the funeral they should feel comfort, reflective of the great memories and joy about how that person impacted their life.

Hand out seeds 

If you’re planning on handing out a small gift in remembrance of a loved one, seeds are a unique idea. 

Giving people something to go home and grow is a way for them to keep memories alive. From the moment they plant the seeds, to watching them grow and bloom they’ll be reminded of that person. 

Sunflowers or forget-me-nots may be a nice choice. They are both easy to grow and look after, and are flowers that tend to bring a smile to someone’s face. You could also hand out a personalised card to go along with the seeds.

Plant a tree 

A tree is a living memorial to someone special, that continues to grow year after year. It gives loved ones a place to visit and feel close to the person who has passed. 

It’s also an environmentally friendly way of honouring someone. You don’t have to plant the tree on the day of the funeral, it’s something that can be done down the line, maybe on a memorable day like their birthday.

Be colourful 

More and more people are starting to bypass the tradition of wearing black to a funeral. Instead, ask those attending to wear bright and colourful clothes. You could even ask them to wear your favourite colour. 

Also, funeral flowers traditionally are white and simple but why not opt for brighter flowers instead?

Choose a unique flower arrangement 

Flowers are a great way to show someone’s personality. Florists will be able to work with you on a design that’s exactly what you want, and if you create something that’s truly unique. Here’s a few ideas for a floral arrangement: 

A motorcycle or the display in a motorcycle helmet 

A football for a football fan 

An anchor or boat for someone who worked at sea 

A birdhouse for a keen gardener 

A favourite animal

Give away a book 

For book lovers, you could share some favourite books as a keepsake from the funeral. If you don’t want to give away any books, why not hand out a card which has a list of top 10 reads on?

Arrive in a unique way 

Traditionally limousines and a black hearse are used as transport to the funeral, but they don’t always suit someone’s personality. There are lots of other options out there, why not think about: 


Horse-drawn carriage 

London bus 



Something else to consider that may make the funeral more personal, is to write your own eulogy. It’s the perfect opportunity to share memories, say goodbyes and make sure the parts of your life you want spoken about, are mentioned. 

You could use the eulogy to offer some comfort to loved ones and reflect on your life. As it’s written by you, it’s sure to be unique and personal.

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