5 reasons to consider a prepaid funeral plan

April 8, 2022 

There’s lots of different options out there for a prepaid funeral plan and it can be quite confusing knowing which one is right for you. So, what are prepaid plans and why should you consider one?

What are prepaid funeral plans? 

A prepaid funeral is simply a funeral that’s paid for in advance. They are a way to put arrangements in place early so that in the event of your death, everything is organised for your loved ones. 

How do funeral plans work? 

Funeral plans work by paying a funeral provider in advance for the services you want at your time of passing. They’ll keep your money safe, so it’s there when the time comes. 

You’re able to choose a service that’s right for you, with all the things you want and need, and none of the things you don’t. You can pick one that fits your budget and reflects you as an individual. 

Prepaid funeral plans are generally paid for in one of two ways. By monthly instalments, or in full at the time that you take out your plan.  

It’s always a good idea to speak to your chosen provider about the options and work out a payment plan that best suits you and your circumstances. 

Why consider a prepaid funeral plan?

1. Peace of mind

Knowing that your loved ones won’t have the weight of planning and paying for a funeral on their shoulders gives lots of people peace of mind. 

When you choose a One Life plan, we’ll honour everything in the plan you choose and no matter how much funeral costs may rise in the future, you can rest assured that you or those close to you will have nothing more to pay.

2. Security

Lots of people worry about what will happen to their money when they purchase a prepaid funeral plan. For reputable funeral providers protecting their customers’ funds is a priority. That’s why they have secure, independently managed trust funds set up. 

When you choose a prepaid plan from One Life, you can rest assured that your money is placed into an independently managed trust fund meaning your money is safe and protected. It’s there when your family needs it.

3. Do it your way

With a prepaid funeral plan, you have the choice to plan your funeral exactly how you want. Whether that’s a burial, cremation or direct cremation – the choice is yours. 

Your family can take comfort knowing that all the planning and payment has been taken care of and that the proceedings are how you wished them to be.

4. An easy way to pay

In the lastest SunLife Cost of Dying Report it says that in 2021 the average cost of a funeral was £8,864. Although this has decreased slightly since 2020, it’s inevitable that prices will rise again – just like everything else in life. 

Having a prepaid funeral in place ensures you pay today’s price for your funeral and avoids any inflation. 

With a One Life plan you’re able to choose a payment plan that is right for you and your family. Whether that’s by paying in full or over a period of monthly instalments, our team work with you to find the best option for you.

5. Simplify things for your loved ones

A prepaid funeral plan lets you put everything into place in advance. It means that when the time comes, all of the planning will have been done for your send-off. Letting your loved ones focus on simply celebrating your life. 

If you do choose us as your provider, you can take comfort knowing that when sadly you aren’t here, your family will only have to make one phone call to our dedicated bereavement team.

Other questions you may have: 

How much is a prepaid funeral plan? 

Funeral plan prices differ depending on the provider. One Life proudly offers a funeral plan for as little as £1,495 or £22.19* per month. Learn more about our burial, cremation or direct cremation plans

Is it easy to arrange?

Yes. All it takes is one 30 minute phone call with our team.


*£1,495 is the price of a paid in full direct cremation which includes a £200 discount. This discount ends 30 June 2022. £22.19 is based on a direct cremation paid over 120 months. Payment plans over 12 months incur a 2.88% instalment fee per annum.

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