Five ways to mark the death anniversary of a loved one

May 23, 2022 

After someone has passed away there are likely to be lots of times, like birthdays or Christmas, that bring up a range of emotions and memories. These feelings will be a mixture of sadness, happiness, relief and maybe even still some anger. 

On those days that may be a little more difficult than others, it’s an idea to do something that helps you remember that special person. Something that brings you joy, lets you relive fond memories and brings you all closer together.

What is a death anniversary? 

A death anniversary is the anniversary of someone’s death. Unlike a wedding anniversary, commemorating the anniversary of a death can be a sad day. However lots of people find marking the anniversary part of the grieving process. 

There’s no right or wrong way to honour your loved one’s life. If you’d like to mark the death anniversary, here are five special things you can do in their memory. What to do on a loved one’s death anniversary:

Revisit a special place

If you had a place you enjoyed going together, you could visit this place on their death anniversary. It could be anywhere – a park, beach, coffee shop or restaurant. Visiting these special places is a wonderful way to look back on memories. You could visit alone or with friends and family, whatever you are most comfortable with.

Support a charity

If your loved one had a particular charity close to their heart, or were cared for at some point in their life, you could make a donation, volunteer or run a marathon to raise money.

Play their favourite song 

Music is powerful and evokes so many emotions. It can transport us back to a place in time, let us reflect on our favourite memories with someone special or even make us catch our breath as it brings up something we thought forgotten. 

Why not listen to their favourite album or song on their anniversary? You can do this while writing down some of your special memories with your loved one, over a glass of wine or with friends and family.

Look through old photographs 

Photographs capture those special moments in time. They are a wonderful way for us all to look back and remember those days that brought so much laughter and joy. 

Photos, just like words and music, bring happiness, feelings of comfort and sadness. Most importantly though, they give us a chance to think about that person who had an impact on our lives. 

With all of your pictures, you could create a photo memory book to look back over or even gift to a family or friend.

Shine a light 

Lighting a candle is a traditional way of remembering someone we have lost. On the anniversary of their death, you could light a candle in their initials on the family dinner table. If they were a fan of the outdoors, you could all raise a sparkler to honour their memory and light up the sky. 

Another unique idea is to choose (or even make!) a candle that has a particular scent that makes you think of them.

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