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“I kept thinking that I would have the money for my funeral, and it wouldn’t cost my family. Of course, with the many years I plan to continue living, I may have spent this. Even if that’s not the case, I don’t want my family to have to wait for funds and funerals may be more expensive then. A funeral plan means that I know I’m sorted, and my family will have one less worry at what would be a hard time for them.”- Mr D, a One Life plan holder

Benefits of choosing a funeral plan

Starting to think about your future life and taking the planning into your own hands is one of the most helpful things you can do for those close to you. A prepaid funeral plan… 

Gives you peace of mind

When you plan and pay in advance for your funeral, it takes away the cost and worry, not to mention the logistics, of organising a service. This could offer peace of mind to everyone and allow them to focus on supporting each other through a difficult time. With a One Life plan, you have the guarantee that even if you’re plan isn’t fully paid, we’ll honour all the services you’ve chosen. Read about The One Life 60 Day Promise   

Allows you to do it your way

A funeral is personal and should be exactly the way you want it. You’ll be able to choose the package that best works for you, tailor the service and leave instructions of any requests.

Simplifies things for those close to you

When the time does sadly come, all the planning will be complete. Your family will only have to make a phone call to us at One Life and we’ll start the arrangements for them. Meaning they can take the time to focus on celebrating your life.

Reduces money worries away

The cost of dying is gradually increasing every year. When you prepay for your funeral, you’re able to keep costs down and secure today’s prices. At One Life you’re also able to choose a payment plan that suits your budget. Whether that’s by paying in full or monthly instalments. 

When you choose One Life as your funeral plan provider, we’ll keep your money safe in our independently managed, secure Trust Fund. When the services you’ve chosen are needed, we provide an invoice and proof of death to the trustees who release the funds to pay for the service.