10 reasons to plan your own funeral

May 25, 2022 

Planning your own funeral is not something that you tend to think about on a regular basis. 

Putting a funeral plan in place is a way to save money, ease the burden of planning your goodbye and ensure that it’s exactly what you want. Here’s 10 reasons why you should think about planning your own funeral.

Choose a funeral plan that fits your budgets 

When you choose your prepaid funeral plan you’ll know exactly how much it’s costing, so there’s no surprises. Arranging your send-off in advance means you can spend the amount you want on the different elements of your funeral.

Ensures your wishes will be followed 

Prepaid funeral plans are one of the most popular ways of setting out your wishes and ensuring that they’re followed. Arranging a funeral can be upsetting for those close to you. Planning your goodbye before the time comes is a helpful way of reducing any organising or financial worries your family may have.

Give you peace of mind

Feeling secure and happy with our decisions is one of the most helpful things we can do for ourselves and loved ones. When you put a funeral plan in place, it gives you peace of mind that everything is taken care of. So you can get back to enjoying life instead of worrying about what your family will do when you aren’t here.

You can get all the support you need

Planning your funeral with One Life means you’ll have the support of our team from the moment you get in touch. They’ll be there to help you choose which funeral plan is right for you, answer any questions and make sure you feel comfortable with your decision.

You can tailor your funeral 

Do you want a particular song at your funeral, or a certain type of flower? When you pre-plan your funeral you’re able to note down any special requests you’d like. Please note that flowers are not included in the price of our funeral plans. 

You can pick the right service 

With One Life, you have the option to choose what service you want. Whether that’s a burial, cremation or direct cremation, it really just depends on what kind of send-off you are wanting. You’re also able to choose what level of service you want – bronze, silver or gold.

Allows you to share ideas with loved ones 

It can be difficult to talk to those close to you about your funeral wishes. Some family members don’t want to focus on something that feels far off and may dismiss conversations about funerals. By making your own arrangements you can make the whole thing feel a bit more real to those involved. It can also open up opportunities for talks surrounding your wishes.

You’re able to pay up-front or in monthly instalments

One of the biggest advantages of taking out a funeral plan is that you know the cost from the get-go and can pay in a way that suits you.  At One Life we offer two payment options. You can either pay in full for your prepaid funeral or in monthly instalments from 6 months to 240 months. If you choose to pay in more than 12 months, there will be an instalment charge, so you should check the details carefully before making any decisions. 

Takes stress away from loved ones 

It’ll come as no surprise that arranging a funeral is stressful. There’s lots of things to think about, and when someone is grieving that’s an incredibly hard thing to manage. By organising your own goodbye in advance, it takes all that away and makes life a lot easier for everyone.

Gives you time to make decisions 

Funerals tend to be turned around quickly, usually in a week or two. As well as having to deal with grief and sadness of losing a loved one, quick decisions need to be made about everything. This means cars, flowers, readings, eulogies and the funeral service itself…it’s a lot. 

Planning your own funeral takes all this away, and means that your loved ones have no added stress when the time comes. It also gives you time to make decisions about what kind of flowers you’d like, what music even down to what outfits you’d like people to wear.

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